Otium Home makes a clear commitment to R + D + I (Research + Development + Innovation), in search of new materials, equipment, and facilities in order to improve the parameters of sustainability, quality and comfort in pursuit of the evolution of the building.

We have carried out an important study and assessment to achieve a construction model that is up to the minute, and in turn of great quality and comfort, both sound and functional.

We have been very prudent and at the same time innovative in choosing construction systems and the technology we use, that have recognized and accredited benefits for the environment, sustainability , artificial intelligence and energy efficiency

Many of our materials hace a DAP Environmental Product DenominationEcological Labels, Environmental Labels AENOR  and many of them have been realized in the Life Cycle Analysis (LCA) study in support of the environment.

We put a special emphasis on renewable energies, and on the mechanisms of low consump but with high yield. We incorparate information and communication tecnologies (ITCs) into the design and construction of our homes.

We look for innovative new materials, equipment and installations to incorporate into our buildings and improve the parameters of sustainability, quality and customer satisfaction.






For the optimization of the construction, always in favor of sustainability, quality, comfort and functionality, we carry out comparisons of different systems in order to cover both economic and technical aspects that contemplate three stages: prior to construction, during and subsequent maintenance by the user, prevailing respect for the environment both in its construction phase and in its useful life, with low energy consumption and a simplified maintenance and use system.

For each construction system, different construction procedures, different materials and their structural performance are used. (According to project, see quality report).



  • Green construction, sustainable, bio-construction.
  • Anti-seismic and hurricane resistant construction.
  • 100% recyclable construction.
  • Absence of fissures and cracks.
  • Material of low toxicity.
  • Increases the overall Global safety fffactor by up to 8 times.
  • Increase of 5% in useful surface in the house (in a house of 100m2 would obtain 5m2 more of useful surface).
  • Building constructed with super thermal and acoustic insulation.
  • Reduces CO2 emissions by up to 65% during residential use.
  • Reduces CO2 emissions by up to 40% during construction.
  • It produces an energy saving of up to 82%.


 will study the needs of the climate control according to the geographical location of the construction. The needs of a building on the coast in the Mediterranean are different to those in the mountainous regions.

We use air thermics in most cases for their effectiveness and benefits..

 uses zoning in some of its constructions which supports and controls the air conditioning.  This intelligent ventilation system ensures air quality through the extraction of vitiated air in wet rooms (kitchen, bathrooms, W.C., utility rooms, etc.) and simultaneously ensures the insufflation of new air filtered into the dry rooms (living room, dining room, bedrooms, etc.). It also uses a high performance heat exchanger allowing up to 92% efficiency; that is to say, regardless of the outside air temperature, when injected into the interior it will cool or heat each zone, closest to the interior temperature, providing maximum comfort, energy efficiency and up to a 53% saving on expenses.  The zoning independently controls each zone with a thermostat, which will be linked to the home automation system and mobile devices, providing total control of temperature and schedules, etc.,  being able to turn off the air conditioning in the living quarters that are not being used.


  • Savings of more than 40%
  • Control of temperature in each room.
  • Maximum comfort (hygrothermal comfort = no thermal discomfort)
  • We can disconnect the one we do not use
  • We will have a house with a microclimate
  • It allows total control from any place at any moment via Computer, Tablet or Smartphone

According to Project


From the concept ,artificial intelligence has been essential as it is a system that is capable of automating a home or building, which provides energy management, security, welfare and communication and whose control can be integrated by means of indoor and outdoor Communication Networks.


  • Personal and property security
  • Tele Assistance
  • Remote management of domestic installations and equipment (via telephone, radio, internet, tablet, etc.)
  • Energy savings thanks to a tariff and intelligent management of consumer systems
  • Improvement and enrichment of the communications network itself
  • Higher level of comfort and a better quality of life
  • Supports the air conditioning system with underfloor heating and bi-thermal appliances

According to Project


Thermal solar energy is a prime system for  buildings.

Hot Water Sanitation (ACS)  is the second largest consumer of energy in our homes, with a total of 20% of general consumption. In our constructions we use solar collector with an accumulator. The solar plates allow us to take advantage of the sun’s energy to generate heat, which we will use for sanitary water, appliances and heating swimming pools.

In our buildings, we will use the closed ring sanitary water system with forced circulation, which prevents the loss of volume that has occurred from the time that the tap is opened until the hot water arrives. We install bithermal, appliances, like washing machines and dishwashers that will be connected to the hot water, allowing a reduction of energy consumption of between 20% and 50%.


  • Great saving in energy consumption providing 7 to 8 months a year with free hot water
  • Climate control, prolonging the time to swim throughout the year
  • In the interior of the house we will install an automatic control that will regulate the start of the pump, so that it is used only when required to keep the desired temperature

According to Project


Geothermal energy is the energy accumulated under the earth in the form of heat.
This system will be applied in certain projects.


  • Energy that respects the environment
  • Minimizes energy dependence
  • No outside noise pollution

According to Project


Photovoltaic solar energy will become one of the most important sources of electricity in the future. This renewable and non-polluting energy contributes to sustainable development.

 will propose to install photovoltaic solar panels , will inject electricity, being able to provide up to 100% of the necessities of the consumption during the day, you could also add an intelligent electricity storage system with batteries that would provide the accumulated electricity during the night or cloudy days.Where possible, we will try to establish energy producing buildings, being able to pour the surplus electricity, into the network/grid


  • Reduction of CO2, NOX, etc., avoiding the increase of pollution.
  • Does not produce waste, residues or noise.
  • Saving up to 100% of energy expenditure.
  • Forget about a power outage.

According to Project


  plumbing installations utilize sanitary appliances with dual flush system, as well as eco-friendly mixer taps that incorporate  minimum consumption with satisfactory volume control.We install cut-off valves in wet rooms and to sanitary appliances.We install a pressurized closed circuit which provides instant hot water, to  both the mixer taps and domestic appliances.We install thermostatic shower mixer taps , obtaining a constant water temperature.


  • Automatic water saving, simple and natural
  • Savings for the economy and the planet
  • Comfort
  • Constancy
  • Convenience
  • Safety and precision
  • Calibration and reliability

According to Project


 seeks the optimization of lighting. Approximately between 25% and 50% of the total energy consumption is used to illuminate the different spaces, both interior and exterior.

The maximum use of natural light, together with the application of efficient lighting technologies and lighting control systems, allow us to achieve savingsin lighting of more than 60%.

-Exterior lighting: with programmed timers and step sensors, offer high performance illumination such as LEDS, fluorescence, etc.

-Interior lighting: The architectural design has been designed to obtain sufficient natural light due to its large windows and profile. The use of high-performance illumination such as LEDs, etc. is recommended.


  • It improves the environment by reducing energy consumption and therefore CO2 emissions into the atmosphere.
  • Reduction of up to 60% in energy savings.

According to Project


The general elements of protection will be super immunized and automatically reset against failures, which ensures the supply against defects in the installation.

At all times, the actual consumption of the different electrical parameters can be viewed, both instantaneous and accumulated, this will allow the user to streamline their consumption, optimize the electricity supply contract with the distribution company and know the energy produced by the photovoltaic installation.

The use of Artificial Intelligence from the initial conception of the home, will minimize the number of wires that distribute electrical energy, as well as the push buttons and switches normally required for everyday activity, by the use of sensors.

The electrical installation is designed to allow for the incorporation of domestic batteries and accumulators that provide the storing of energy produced by the renewable energy installations or from the conventional electricity network, allowing for the maximum reduction in the energy consumed by the network.


  • Aesthetics, as there are no covers in any room
  • Greater control and availability for artificial intelligence
  • Material halogen free. The corrugated pipes and cables are polyethylene, material from PVC free of halogens.
  • 100% recyclable.
  • In case of fire does not produce toxic gases.


Recharging point electric vehicle.


  • Reduces the cost of transport
  • It facilitates emissions-free mobility to the atmosphere

According to Project


The majority of plants that we use in our gardens native. These types of plants need less irrigation, fertilizer and chemicals for their treatment, because these plants are adapted to the climate and the soil of their environment. Many of these plants are evergreen, keeping the garden greener and alive throughout the year. We also introduce species that, although being foreign, are totally naturalized. In no case do we use plants considered as invasive. We carry out an inventory of the plants and their water needs.

An automatic irrigation system with humidity sensors, takes into account the humidity of the soil when watering.


  • Gardens with less need for water and general maintenance
  • Ecological benefits
  • It promotes the bio-diversity of flora and fauna

According to Project


 uses FSC Forest Stewardship Council and/o PEFC (Program for Endorsement of Forest Certification) timber.
These types of certifications are intended to ensure that environmentally sound, socially beneficial and economically viable forest management has been implemented.


  • Contributes to the maintenance of numerous ecosystems and biological diversity
  • To be the economic sustenance of many rural populations and the origin of a very important processing industry.

According to Project


 uses certified environmentally friendly laminate flooring for certain rooms, including PEFC ,EPD and DER BLAUE ENGEL. It does not provoke allergies, it is antistatic, protects against moisture, high resistance, suitable for children and people with allergies.
 uses porcelain floorings and coatings of high performance and fidelity in the ecological environment, and contain a high percentage of recycled material. The factory where these products are made use the most current technology, minimizing electricity consumption, CO2 emissions and minimizing the amount of water during the process. In many cases we use draining pavements in the exteriors, producing better irrigation in the soil and subsoil.


  • Minimizes energy dependence.
  • Saving the economy and the planet.
  • Healthier homes.
  • Ecological benefits, in general fewer emissions.

According to Project


 uses eco-friendly, non-toxic paints and adhesives.

Interior Painting:
Ecological paints are healthier than conventional paints, since they are made from vegetable oils and the pigments that make them are of mineral or vegetable origin, but do not contain heavy metals like mercury, lead, nor volatile toxic solvents. This type of paint is breathable, anti mold and flame retardant.

We use an ecological additive (According to the project) with nanotechnological benefits in the form of bio-ceramics, which emits Infrared Radiations far FIR revitalize the materials and inhibits the radiation by electrical and magnetic contamination (Electrosmog), like electrical cables, wireless, waves, etc.

Exterior Painting:
 uses mineral lime paints for the exterior coatings, which provide breathability to the material, as well as the bactericidal power that sanitizes the environment and graphene, material of the future, nanotechnological compound of last generation, which gives the paints a coating of greater flexibility, resistance and homogeneity from the first day. Does not contain volatile organic compounds (VOCs), heavy metals, carcinogenic substances or harmful agents.
This product has one of the most prestigious certifications worldwide, CRADLE TO CRADLE CERTIFIED, GOLD LEVEL (According to Project).


  • Much healthier housing
  • Inhibits electric and electromagnetic radiation
  • Does not contain heavy metals, such as mercury, lead, or toxic volatile solvents
  • No harmful substances, anti-mould and fire retardant
  • Higher durability

According to Project


The treatment for the disinfection of water for the private swimming pool used by  is ecological and natural, respectful of health and environment,, using hydrolysis and ionization and in the case of collective or public swimming pools should add 0.5 to 2 per million of chlorine, to comply with regulations taking into account that drinking water in a city has 0.2 to 0.7 chlorine.(According to Project).

Water temperature controlled by the use of  solar panels.(According to Project).

According to the project, thermal covers will be positioned to maintain the temperature of the water, prolonging bathing time throughout the year.


  • Elimination of eye irritation and allergic reactions to chemicals
  • Elimination of dryness of hair and discoloration
  • Control of temperature and water and pool indicators by home automation on Ipad and Mobile
  • Saving up to 90% on chemicals.
  • Water without taste or smell.
  • Home automation control.

According to Project


Collecting rainwater is very useful. Otium Home installs systems for rain water recovery, storage and its use for irrigation. (According to Project).


  • Contribution to sustainability and protection of the environment
  • Use of a free and eco-friendly resource
  • Clear savings
  • Water very beneficial for plants, because of its purity

According to Project


The windows and sliding doors with  Thermal Break System (RPT), with avant garde desing, minimalist, with high thermal and acoustic rating.
Reinforced glass with high thermal insulation.


  • Reduction in energy consumption
  • Overall comfort. (Thermal, acoustic, hygrothermal).
  • Elimination of interstitial condensation.
  • Elimination of interstitial condensation.
  • Reduction of CO2 emissions.

According to Project


It is very important that constructions have good ventilation . The good quality of the air we breathe improves our health, hygiene and comfort. In  accordance with the building we install a Mechanical Ventilation air renewal system (VMS) simple flow or Controlled Mechanical Ventilation (VMC) of hydro adjustable double flow (see Quality Report).

In our homes we will install a volatile organic compounds (VOC) sensor, which measures air quality, humidity and atmospheric pressure, you will be able to view this date in a free app for the Ipad and Iphone.


  • Purer air
  • Energy saving (energy efficiency)
  • Maximum comfort all year round

According to Project

  • Eliminates condensation and moisture
  • Clean air, less dust
  • Fewer allergies


Information and communication:


Upon delivery of the keys, we will provide a manual that has the information regarding the physical and technical characteristics of the building, and also it’s legal status.

Our technicians will provide information on the use and maintenance of the systems that are incorporated within the building.

Note:  Not all systems listed in the advantages sections can be implemented in every type of building. This will be specifiedin the Quality Report of each promotion.

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