OTIUM is an abstract latin term it means “BE THE MASTER OF YOUR TIME”.

An “Otium Villa” is one that inspires peace, leisure, serenity, simplicity and evokes a “word class” way of life”.


oh_txt promotes and construct eco-efficiency buildings and homes of high quality, that are comfortable, healthy and functional,  respectful to the environment, both in their construction phase and useful life, with low eneergy consumotion and with a simplified maintenance and use system, combining the new technologies   dedicated to energy efficiency, sustainability and environment solutions within the architecture and efficent, sustainable, bioclimatic, ecological and passivhaus housing. Those systems are the more suitable and beneficial, for the concepts of oh_txt

The Solar Impulse Foundation is a non-Governmental and non-profit organization, recognized by  Institutions , like European Commission, European Investment Bank, International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA), United Nation Climate Change, UNESCO, World Economic Forum et,  (link solarimpulse.com/advocacy)  and supported by Swiss Government, Solvay, BNP Paribas, Michelin Corporate Foundation, LVMH, Air France etc (link solarimpulse/our-partners.

Also receive a Special support by the Nobel Prize Al Gore, H.S.H. Prince Albert II of Monaco, Richard Branson, James Cameron, Paulo Coelho link solarimpulse.com/foundation





We are the first generation that has the knowledge and the tools to use against climate change and we have the obligation to use them and put them into practice, we can not delay it any longer if we want to solve it.

UN experts urge us to take drastic measures against climate change (see news).

performs a new concept of construction, the result of RESEARCH + DEVELOPMENT + INNOVATION (R + D + I) in constructive and technological matters that materialize THE EVOLUTION OF THE CONSTRUCTION, according to our times and in pursuit of the need to take measures for climate change.

To achieve this project, Otium Home, New Building Fo a Better Life, has combined the knowledge and experience of leading professionals of recognized prestige from different fields (architects, engineers, manufacturers, suppliers, etc) and from UNIVERSITY RESEARCH CENTERS as, clear commitment to Research + Development + Innovation, R+D+I.
The OH buildings will be:
– Architecturally designed buildings according to current needs and in conformity with OH standards
– NZEB (Near Zero Energy Buildings and/or Positive Energy Buildings (to achieve maximum eco energy and limit consumption)
– Smarthouse. Smart buildings that use the latest technologies in Home Automation, control and monitoring, which facilitate and help our everyday lives.
– Eco-friendly, healthy building materials and comfortable construction.
Shortly, we will obtain advice and accreditation from the Cluster, Construcciones Sostenibles de Andalucía (Sustainable Constructions of Andalusia).

All of our homes will obtain the Energy Efficiency Certificate for Buildings with A or B qualification and GREEN Certification issued by the Green Building Council of Spain , equivalent to BREEAM in the United Kingdom, LEED (USA), HQE (France) y DGNB (Germany).

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Directive 2012/27 / EU, on energy efficiency of buildings, reinforces the commitment that member countries made in 2010, implementing the obligation to construct sustainable energy consumption buildings from 31 December 2020.

At present, eight out of ten homes suffer noise problems and most suffer involuntary heat loss.
These homes are the great predators of energy, consuming almost a third of the total expenditure.

In addition, the construction sector is responsible for 40% of the energy consumption generated worldwide. It also produces 25% of the world’s waste.

There is a need for constructive solutions of higher quality and durability, which are at the same time respectful of the environment.

“All riches comes from nature, without them the economy would not exist.”

oh_txt is committed to human, green and smart cities, human and intelligent cities, as a result of the ever more pressing need to steer our lives towards humanism, environmentalism and sustainability. Cities that use infrastructures, innovation, technology and creativity to humanize them, reduce energy consumption and reduce CO2 emissions.

Cities that use renewable energies for their maintenance using photovoltaic panels in communities, for items such as traffic lights or signs; Windmills in street lamps; Low-consumption lighting: means of transport and electric vehicles.

oh_txt® joins the fight against climate change and commits itself to the 3 basic pillars of sustainability, economic growth, ecological balance and social progress, realizing projects and eco-efficient developments.

Soon the pioneer owners of these homes will be awarded grants and pay less taxes. The Govermment plans to include in the Budgets and IBI reduction of up to 20% for more sustainable housing.

Our property appreciates in value due to its endorsement with the Certificate of Energy Efficiency grade A or B, and the Green Certification, constructive quality and confort.


oh_txt1 Today makes homes for the future, new constructions for a better life!


  • Constructions that respect the environment,  that are healthy, comfortable and intelligent, both in their construction phase and useful life, with low energy consumption and with a simplified maintenance and use system.
  • High Energy Efficiency Rating
  • Super high efficiency thermal and acoustic insulation
  • Big savings in energy costs
  • Greater comfort in general, and hygrothermal performance
  • Estimated reduction of between 50 to 70% of CO2 emissons
  • Estimated reduction of between 40 to 70% in NOx emissions
  • Low toxicity and recyclable materials with ecological label and Environmental Product Declaration (EPD).
  • Efficient, sustainable, bioclimatic and ecological housing
  • Minimization of waste generated by works
  • Exterior joinery with Thermal Break System and reinforced acoustic glass with high thermal insulation.
  • Utilization of renewable energies such as solar, geothermal, wind, biomass, etc, according to the project requirements.


  • Air conditioning by aerothermy, evaporator, nebulizer, according to project requirements.

  • Simple flow controlled mechanical ventilation (CMV), simple flow, hygro-adjustable  or double flow (CMV), which minimizes energy losses with a saving of between 12% and 25% and provides a constant renewal of clean air, avoiding the occurrence of humidity, odours, dust, contributing to a healthy quality of life.
  • Utilization of systems for energy savings using a passive efficiency design, conserving comfort both in winter and summer with the minimum possible energy expenditure. High efficiency appliances (A +++ -30, A +++, A ++, etc.) washing machines and bi-thermic dishwashers that use hot water obtained by the solar panels.


  • Installation of sanitary appliances with double flush and faucet of high efficiency/ low consumption.
  • Ecological interior paint without heavy metals such as merccury, lead or volatile  solvents.
  • Ecological exterior paint.
  • We use an ecological additive in our coating for the interiors, that revitalize the materials and inhibit the electrical and magnetic radiation (electricity, wireless, mobile, etc).
  • Thermography system applications to verify the absence of thermal bridges, sealing test to ensure the absence of unwanted air infiltrations and measures of thermal transmissivity to guarantee the minimum exchange of thermal energy with the outside.

  • Recovery of rainwater for irrigation.


Note:  Not all systems listed in the advantages sections can be implemented in every type of building. This will be specifiedin the Quality Report of each promotion.

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